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Introduction to PADS

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EDA Solution

TestBencher Pro
TestBencher Pro generates reactive VHDL, Verilog, OpenVera, e, and TestBuilder test benches and bus-functional models from language-independent timing diagrams. The generated test benches are capable of applying different stimulus vectors depending on simulation response so that the test bench functions as a behavioral model of the environment in which the system being tested will operate. TestBencher Pro is an excellent tool for testing large FPGA and ASIC designs.

BugHunter uses the SynaptiCAD graphical environment and supports all major HDL simulators. It has the ability to launch the simulator, provide single step debugging, unit-level test bench generation, streaming of waveform data, project management, and a hierarchy tree. The unit-level test bench generation is unique in that it lets the user draw stimulus waveforms and then generates the stimulus model and wrapper code and launches the code. It is one of the fastest ways to test a model and make sure that everything is working correctly. The debugger also has exceptional support for VCD waveform files.

VeriLogger Pro
VeriLogger Pro is a new type of Verilog simulation environment that combines all the features of a traditional Verilog simulator with the most powerful graphical test vector generator on the planet. Model testing is so fast in VeriLogger Pro that you can perform true bottom-up testing of every model in your design, a critical step often skipped in the race to market.

WaveFormer Pro
WaveFormer Pro combines a timing diagram editor, a stimulus generator, and an interactive HDL simulator to form a groundbreaking EDA tool that should be in every digital designer's tool kit. WaveFormer Pro allows you to automatically generate and simulate timing diagrams using common Boolean and registered logic equations. WaveFormer Pro can also import or export waveforms to VHDL, Verilog, Tektronix, HP and Agilent's logic analyzers & pattern generators, SPICE, ABEL, and a variety of gate level simulators.

DataSheet Pro
DataSheet Pro DataSheet Pro provides documentation professionals with a more efficient environment for the management of documents containing multiple timing diagrams. Features include Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) to provide immediate in-place editing of timing diagrams, style sheet support, image view support, web-ready image generation, project management, and support for the industry-standard Timing Diagram Markup Language (TDML) format.

Timing Diagrammer Pro
For the budget conscious engineer, we provide Timing Diagrammer Pro, a powerful, feature-laden timing diagram editor with an unbeatable price. Analyze your design in the early stages, before you have a schematic. Perform true full-range min/max timing analysis to eliminate all timing violations and race conditions. Timing Diagrammer Pro automatically calculates critical paths and adjusts for reconvergent fanout. Inserting diagrams into word processors is painless, thanks to a variety of image capture formats.

Gigawave Viewer
Gigawave Viewer combines SynaptiCAD's WaveViewer with our high-performance gigawave compression engine to create the lowest cost waveform viewer capable of handling multi-gigabyte VCD files. GigaWave also loads SPICE results, TDML, logic analyzer data, and more.

PinPort provides an interface between digital hardware and a Verilog or C++ simulation environment. Perform simulations using a combination of hardware components and HDL models. PinPort can be used to test a new hardware prototype or to test a new simulation model against existing target hardware. In either test mode, design verification schedules can be shortened since designers do not need to develop models for silicon they are not designing and test benches can be reused.

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